Elegantly designed, richly textured, vibrantly colored – and carefree: "Mille Lights," the lustrous new damask design by Garnier Thiebaut comes with a protective coatIng that renders it stain resistant, while preserving the natural beauty and hand of the original fabric.

For the first time, with Mille Lights, Garnier Thiebaut has introduced a fashion design only with the "pearl" coating, an acrylic film that wards off spills and spots and can be cleaned just by sponging the surface with hot water. The high-tech, ecologically-safe (PVC-free) coating is offered as an option with other GT fine linens, including "Mille Couleurs," "Mille Volts" and "Candy."

These designs and the new Mille Lights are ideal for outdoor dining venues – terraces, pool areas and bars – particularly in warm-weather climates. The pearl-treated fabrics, for example, set the tables at fine hotels, such as the Four Seasons Resort, in Palm Beach, FL, and the Ritz-Carlton, in Marina del Ray, CA, among others. Coated linens also are becoming popular in other regions during summer months when tables move outdoors to sidewalk cafés.

The new Mille Lights design is shown in two bright schemes: "Iris," a sundance gold, crossed with white stripes in a pattern of large checks; and an alternate, "Capucine," a sun-toasted background, with gray, blue and red narrow stripes. Mille Lights also is available as place mats.

Maintenance of these high-performance designs is quick and easy: Stains and spills can be wiped away after each serving. In the case of difficult or persistent stains, the coated cloth can be laundered in an automatic washer. If necessary, the reverse, noncoated side of the fabric can be ironed. (Ironing actually can reactivate the anti-stain treatment, according to GT experts.) The pearl coating also brings bonus benefits of long-term use, economy (savings on laundry costs ) and all-around utility, adding function to the beauty of fine linens.