Tapping into technology, Garnier Thiebaut has enhanced high-performance features in its elegant table linens with a new protective finish that retains the fabric’s texture, color and quality. Garnier’s "pearl" coating is an acrylic film that forms a stain-resistant surface while preserving the look and luster of the original cloth, creating a decorative table covering with soft, natural draping.

The ecologically-friendly (PVC-free) coating is available on table cloths, runners and napkins in selected lines, including some of GT’s most luxurious damask weaves, such as the "Mille Couleurs" and "Mille Volts" patterns.

In the GT process, linens undergo an anti-stain treatment before application of the acrylic coating. Thereafter, maintenance is quick and easy: Stains and spills can be wiped away by sponging the surface with hot water. In case of persistent stains, the coated cloth can be laundered in an automatic washer and then air-dried. (The heat of an electric dryer will affect the finish.) If necessary, the reverse (non-coated) side of the fabric can be ironed; ironing actually will reactivate the anti-stain treatment, according to GT experts.

With stain-spill protection, the pearl coating also adds benefits of durability, economy (savings on laundry costs) and all-around utility to the beauty of fine table linens.