Weaving a spell of elegance and warmth, Garnier-Thiebaut’s winter 2008 collection of fine fashion linens vibrates with brilliant color and magical motifs that evoke stylish, innovative settings for the home table. "That’s because the collection has everything one can wish for to enhance dining pleasure," according to GT Designers Florence Johannes and Clotilde Boutrolle.

Treasured talismans and lucky symbols are the inspiration for signature designs in the new "Porte-Bonheur" collection, creating decorative motifs woven into lustrous damask fabrics – all in colors that send out positive vibes: The new palette is ablaze with rousing colors, designed to ward off and banish stress, ranging through rich reds; soft, ruby shades of romance; delicate, upbeat pinks; and an abundance of high-energy orange.

Porte-Bonhuer "Raisin," for example, a deep purple-grape/red/blue pattern, is interwoven with trefoils, lucky horseshoes and amulets, forming a dramatic backdrop for both casual and formal settings. The new design also comes in "Citrouille," a color- drenched pumpkin orange.

In a nostalgic vein, "Mille Flowers" takes its theme from treasured keepsakes - fragile pressed flowers, discovered in the pages of a favorite book…surf-smoothed pebbles preserved from a summer at the seashore - now woven into a charming ‘70s-style, ribbon-striped pattern for the contemporary table, offered in two colorways: the delightful "Dragibus" in fashion-candy colors of blue/red/violet/orange; and the sunny "Mandarine," in burnt orange/sea blue/gold. These enchanting linens also are available with GT’s protective "pearl" coating that resists spots and spills, making them an ideal choice for both family parties and formal entertaining.

Porte-Bonheur’s vivid influence flows into other GT collections, as well; for instance, the new "Flamboyant" pattern’s glowing, red-orange colors light up the "Ancolie" series with fresh appeal. "Isaphire-Rubis," sparkling in new jewel tones, with satiny borders of green/gold/blue, takes on a luxe look that can set off the most festive occasions. A table dressed in splendid color works its own magic, GT designers suggest, creating the ambience for a memorable dining experience.

And in a striking encore of this timeless design, Renaissance "Argent" in silvery damask (symbolic of coins tossed in a fountain before making a wish) raises the bar for sophisticated cool in contemporary or traditional settings.

Along with their graphic charms, the stunning look and luxurious quality of Garnier-Thiebaut’s 2008 fashion linens weave a bright aesthetic in tabletop décor that beautifully accents today’s new dining environment.