Napkins Customization

It is getting harder to make an impression in the restaurant industry with the vast diversity of ideas and presentations being brought to the table. Garnier-Thiebaut offers an innovative solution to highlight the name of the restaurant, building an image and branding it. The dining experience begins with a napkin and ends with a napkin. The napkin is very personal and important as it touches your face, your hands and keeps you neat.

Garnier-Thiebaut offers very powerful customization options. Choose:

    • Material (cotton, metis, pure linen)
    • Construction (regular or high thread count)
    • Design (existing design, adapting existing GT design or customer's own design)
    • Color (wide variety of colors in weft dyed, fully dyed and warp and weft)
    • Finishing (4 hems, metered corners, piping, laddered stitching, applied bands etc.)
    • Size (standard size is 22"x22" delivered, Bistro style size is 22"x16.5")
    • Logo (interwoven, embroidery)

Our Bistro napkin, with its perfect size 22”x16.5” is fully customizable as far as design, color, weave, custom logo and finishing and brings this little extra to the ambience that will make the guests remember you. Making an impression is easily affordable with low minimums and no extra cost for customizing.

Lead time for custom production is 6-8 weeks. Minimums vary upon construction and color.