Since 1833 in the heart of the Vosges region in France, GARNIER-THIEBAUT has been applying all its passion to designing and weaving the most beautiful damask cotton home linen for all interiors.
GARNIER-THIEBAUT, already a proud supplier of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world, offers professional quality and remains at the forefront of creativity and technology, with the Green Sweet revolutionary stain resistant treatment being our most recent accomplishment.

This season, the GARNIER-THIEBAUT  collection is an invitation to the Garden.  Natural and nourishing, the Garden is an inspiring universe, both poetic and exotic.  Each motif and every soft,  joyful nuance will reveal a part of this recreated Eden. 

You can download the new 2013 Spring/Summer Catalog directly from our website, or contact us for a hard copy.

See the Spring/Summer cataloq here