Garnier-Thiebaut collection offers luxurious jacquard tea towels, aprons, easy care coated chair cushions and colorful cushion covers made in France.
Look for Bombacio brand to find more subtle colors and stylish designs kitchen towels and aprons: very attractive price range and ready to ship.

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Cotton, Linen Accessories that Add a Final Touch to the Kitchen

Infuse vibrancy into your kitchen with Garnier Thiebaut USA's linen accessories, featuring jacquard tea towels, aprons, and colorful cushion covers. These linen accessories serve as delightful gifts for those who appreciate 100 percent French craftsmanship and have an eye for the finer things. Whether you opt for an entirely new kitchen linen set or a curated assortment of beautiful accessories, your kitchen and dining room will undergo a complete transformation. Feel free to mix and match any of these exceptional items to realize your unique design vision.