Explore our French throws


During the chilly days, wrap yourself in the softness of our new throws, made in France.

Choose from our selection and enjoy some cozy and warm snuggles.


For mid-season: ALULA

100% cotton, Jacquard, with one side in black and white and one side in color.

Available in Lagon and Poseidon shades



To add a stylish touch to your home decor: SANTA FE

Cotton & Acrylic wool blend / Jacquard

Available in Crepuscule and Terre shades



For warm and eco-friendly moments: VERSUS

Made with Organic cotton + Organic wool+ Recycled polyester



For a velvety feel: TANGERINE

100% Cotton, Jacquard. Innovative velvet-like feel to maximize softness.



The festive season is upon us which means it’s time to reunite with family and friends!


Each year Garnier-Thiebaut’s designers create unique linens to dress your tables for any occasion!


We’ve got you covered for every excuse to celebrate. Whether it be for your first Thanksgiving dinner back together, the annual holiday party you look forward to hosting, or any end of year celebrations, set your tables with linens from Garnier-Thiebaut France.


Browse below to see our best sellers for this fall/winter 2021 season:



Noel Etoile Rouge Jacquard Tablecloth, Stain Resistant Cotton


Panache Canard Tablecloth, Cotton-Linen blend


Anhinga Bleu Dore Jacquard Tablecloth, Stain Resistant Cotton


Vintage Garden Natural Tablecloth, 100% Linen


Grace Flamboyant Jacquard Tablecloth, Stain Resistant Cotton


Scarlett Carmin Jacquard Tablecloth, 100% Linen


Persina Crepuscule Jacquard Tablecloth, Stain Resistant Cotton



Everything you need to know about our
Green Sweet stain-resistant table linens.


With our special Green Sweet protective layer, the look and feel of the textile remain unchanged as the treatment does not affect breathability and soft cloth-like-touch.

This anti-stain innovation is inspired by nature, as it acts like the leaves of the sacred lotus which always stay clean thanks to their hydrophobic surface.

Green Sweet products are easy-care; after removing the spilled food from your linens, absorb the remaining liquids or stains by simply wiping them off with a damp sponge.

Another great thing about Green Sweet is that it requires low maintenance and is eco-friendly. Products only need to be washed occasionally, resulting in less laundries, less water and electricity consumption and less chemicals released back into nature with detergents.

Will you be tempted?


Click HERE to see our Green Sweet products.

Green Sweet Stain Resistant image of glass spilled on tableclothGreen Sweet Stain Resistant image of glass spilled on tablecloth